It pissed down with rain as we drove in to Nannup. Kelly and I sat in the pink house by the fireplace while we waited for Mike and Danica to show. The gig was meant to be played outside under a stage but that was looking less likely to happen by the minute.

The corner of the restaurant was cleared for the band to play in. We can fit in corners most can’t thanks to our band size (3), and Danica’s impressively small drum size. Under dinner lighting, standing 2 feet away from people sitting at tables, we couldn’t whisper without an audience member hearing us.425

Mike bought his A-game (dark) humour. We turned down as low as we could, and we jammed our sets. The winning song of the night was probably Gold On The Ceiling.

The next morning while having coffee at the Blackwood cafe, the locals stopped to talk with us about footy, farms, and drinking.

We’re hoping to come back to Nannup. I’d love to do a south-west tour, including other towns along the way and back. Maybe a town coming down on Friday night, maybe a brewery or a winery during a Sunday afternoon coming back.