Small Country Town Love Song

It’s just a small built country town
Where everything’s stained red or brown
There’s some feelings there from some small kid shows got messy hair
He likes the sweetest girl in town

She likes dresses and she likes hair dyes
She likes chasing butterflies
She likes some boy from grade 5 he’s always got his head in the sky
She’s having troubles wondering why

Because his aftershave smells sweet
And when he walks he looks at his feet
And when he eats he chokes and he laughs at his own little jokes
He makes her smiles, whenever they meet

Year 12 and its Valentine’s Day
Cards from almost every guy
She wonders deep inside, if he likes me, wouldn’t he write?
She stares at him while he stares at the sky
Then she gets up from her seat
Walks to the teenage boy who sees her then looks down to his feet
She stands in front of him and at that she writes his name in the sand
Tells him why she likes him while she holds his hand

She says your aftershave smells sweet
When you walk, you look at your feet
And when you eat you choke, you laugh at your own little jokes
And then he smiles, takes a moment to speak

He says your perfume smells so sweet
You got little hands, and you got little feet
You got the fashion sense, you look so pretty with your hair and your dress
You make me smile whenever we meet