It was a productive weekend – we played the Lodge, recorded some stuff, and I met Drunk Mike. Out of the 3 I’d say meeting Drunk Mike was the most memorable.

We watched the Eagles vs (other team) game. Danica was very much into it, even though she played it cool. We got to the lodge straight after the game so that Mike could play the Eagles song.

The Next Day

We decided to sit out on our front porch and play the Sponge Bob theme to passer-bys.


I have a side project on the go at the moment – a radio segment which includes a section where we cover a song with the uke and the banjo (or similar). Not the most original idea, but I think it could be fun to listen to. So Mike and I recorded Cold Water by Tom Waits complete with an acapella section, hand claps and whoo-hoos.

Here’s a few photos taken by Krysten and myself.

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That night following was incredible. Hot daym.

Whats next?

Originals! We’re workin on demos to be recorded hopefully next week.